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October 31, 2019 Newsletter


We have upgraded the Descendants of TC website in two ways.Each page … for example, the reviews page of the website, has a search window, in the upper right corner. Our website is now put into a savier position to draw traffic through Google. In the review page above you might try typing in Peter Gemma, for a review of Taylor Caldwell – the sort-of public figure – that got considerable attention. I'm uncertain from whence came all of Peter's picaresque vignettes on TC. If, however, even a handful of them epitimized her dealings with the world, she deserved many of those complicated responses she alternately lamented and relished.

We'll talk more about that in our next newsletter.

Patricia Stein has put up a review of ''The Late Clara Beame,'' a mystery. She calls this one of TC's very few light-hearted novels, in the mode, perhaps, of something by Agatha Christie. Patricia says the rumor is that TC tossed if off quickly as an exercise. Still, one with some charm. For this, too, try the search window. Type into the search box, The Late Clara Beame.


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