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Peter B. Gemma is a widely published freelance writer and a long time political activist. He is a recipient of the George Washington Honors Medal from Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge (founded in 1949 by Dwight Eisenhower) for his “knowledge and appreciation of our democratic political process.” Peter has been published in a variety of venues including: USA Today (where more than 100 of his commentaries have appeared); Daily Caller; The Washington Examiner; American Thinker; Op/EdNews; Military History; Economic Populist; and Britain’s WarHistoryOnLine. His essays and articles have been reprinted in three college textbooks: Critical Thinking (Mayfield Publishing), Reading for Thinking (Houghton Mifflin), and Logic (Holt, Rinehart, and Winston), as well as in the books Superpowers: A New Détente (Greenhaven Press) and 20th Century Heroes (American Opinion Publishing).

Peter B. Gemma

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